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Crafted and cost-effective MySQL hosting solutions to suit various needs. MySQL is designed to run on the cloud platform of Cloud Clusters.

MySQL Clusters is a division of Cloud Clusters Inc.. One account. All Cloud Clusters services. No credit card required.

Administrative Privileges on Databases

MySQL Version


Control Panel for Managed MySQL

Backup Download Assistance for Managed MySQL Hosting

Database Migration Assistance for Managed MySQL Hosting

Fully Managed MySQL Hosting

24x7x365 Online Support

99.9% Uptime



Operating System for Managed MySQL

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Container Runtime


SSL Connection for MySQL on Kubernetes

Instance for MySQL Kubernetes


Additional CPU Core


Additional Memory


Additional Disk Space



Additional Backup Space



Package Upgrade


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Software Upgrade


  • Does your managed MySQL support SSL connection?

    Yes. The SSL connection is enabled by default for each newly created MySQL database on our cheap MySQL hosting platform.
  • Do you do backups for my MySQL database?

    Yes. Our MySQL Kubernetes platform takes backups for each database regularly and keeps each backup for 7 days.
  • Is there anything that prevents us from migrating our MySQL database to other providers?

    No. We run standard MySQL on our platform. We are happy to help you with the migration whenever you need.
  • Can I take backups of my database in your cheap MySQL hosting?

    Yes. You can back up the individual databases via our MySQL hosting control panel and download them.
  • Do you have access limits to my MySQL databases in the cheap MySQL hosting service?

    No. We do not set limits on your access to the databases.
  • How can I manage my MySQL databases and users?

    You can manage databases and users in the control panel in our cheap MySQL hosting.
  • Do you support shared hosting in your cheap MySQL hosting?

    No. We don’t support shared MySQL hosting.
  • What cloud providers and regions do you support in your cheap MySQL hosting?

    We currently support the private cloud from our four data centers in Dallas, Bend, Charlotte, and Denver. We are building more data centers and will support most of the popular public cloud providers in more regions in the near future.
  • What’s your MySQL-as-a-Service hosting platform?

    It is our quick evolving MySQL hosting solution. It takes advantage of container and Kubernetes, which is the most popular and dominant container-orchestration system.
  • What makes you different from your competitors?

    We have a self-developed and quick evolving MySQL hosting platform based on the latest cloud computing technology, including Kubernetes and container. Our long-term strategy is to provide enterprise-level service with the most competitive price.
  • Why choose us?

    Providing the best fully managed MySQL service is our ultimate goal. We always appreciate our clients’ new requests and take them as our opportunities and sources of our motivations. This mentality helps us push our service level further beyond.
  • What MySQL storage engine do you support?

    We currently support InnoDB for our cheap MySQL hosting.
  • How can I migrate my MySQL database onto your platform?

    We support the standard MySQL tool to restore your local backup onto our MySQL’s Kubernetes-based platform.
  • Is your MySQL instance shared?

    No. Our fully managed MySQL on Kubernetes is based on standalone MySQL instance.
  • Can I monitor my MySQL database’s performance?

    Our MySQL hosting control panel has comprehensive measurements for each MySQL deployment. However, we don’t support real-time performance monitoring.
  • Do you support MySQL Cluster?

    No, We support single-instance MySQL deployment.

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