How to Test MySQL Connections

It could happen that the connection to your MySQL database got lost. Our client panel has included a tool for you to test if MySQL connection can be made successfully. This guide will show you the steps.

1. Locate the deployment

Please log in to the Control Panel at with your credentials. Go to the "My Applications" page and locate your target deployment from all deployments listed.

Locate the deployment

2. Navigate to the "Overview" page

Click the "Manage" button on the My Applications page to go to the Overview page.

Navigate to the Overview page

3. Test MySQL connection

On the top of the Overview page, you will see the connection information of your MySQL. We will use the admin user to make the connection attempt. Copy the password of the admin user.

Copy the password of the admin user

Then, click the "Test Connection" button. You will be prompted to input the credentials to make the connection. Input "admin" in the User filed, and paste the password in the Password filed.

After that, click "Test."

If the connection fails, you will see the result like the screeshot below. Often, the error message is provided at the buttom of the window.

The example connection failure is due to wrong password.

Connection failure

If you get the following result, congratulations, you've successfully made the connection.

Successful connection

If this guide still could solve the connection issue, please refer to the guide on troubleshooting connection issues.

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