Managing Your Packages

This article is intended to help clear obstacles where you have difficulty in managing your packages.

Continue your service after your free trial

If you are satisfied with our products in the free trial, please don’t hesitate to activate your paid account to unlock more features and subscribe to our service by following the instructions in the guidance.

Set up PayPal subscriptions for your packages

Things may happen that your service got suspended even canceled when you missed a payment or a payment failed. The guide shows you how to automate your payments by setting up PayPal subscriptions.

Upgrade or download a plan

Add/remove more resources to your package by upgrading/downgrading your plan.


Add/remove a specific resource to your package.

Cancel a package

If you think you no longer need a package, you can feel free to cancel it by following the article.

Restore a canceled package

A service may be canceled for any reason. We will usually keep a backup of your service data for 2 months after the cancellation in case you need them later. Check this documentation to see how you can restore your service with one click.

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